Wool Pillows

 100% Australian wool pillows cradle the head to offer great support every night.

Wool, a naturally hypoallergenic textile, is dust and moisture resistant, making it the perfect choice for your pillow. Wool also naturally breathes, circulating air around your face to help your skin breathe and keep you feeling fresh and cool during the night.

High micron fibres from the Poll Dorset breed of sheep mean Woolstar’s organic wool pillows bounce back into shape easily, making them as strong as they are soft.

Our pillows are available in a range of lofts so whatever your unique pillow preference, you’ll find your perfect match with Woolstar.

Prefer a firmer pillow or want the largest pillow in our range? Choose our high loft pillows. Want a low, soft feel? Our low profile provides great neck and back support.

And if you're somewhere in the middle, or a side or back sleeper looking for a moderate amount of firmness, explore our medium loft pillows

You spend a lot of time with your pillow - so shop the best pillows in Australia from Woolstar and enjoy a better sleep.



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