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Thin Summer Doona

Whether you're a hot sleeper or someone who prefers a lighter quilt throughout the warmer months, Woolstar have dynamic summer quilts for all.

Are you a 'hot sleeper'? If you feel warm at night, you may suffer from disturbed or broken sleep due to discomfort. Our thin summer doona collection includes lightweight materials that won’t stifle or add unnecessary weight. 

Wool wicks moisture and heat away from the body, helping to regulate temperature to leave you feeling cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the night.

Explore the Woolstar range, find the perfect lightweight quilts and get ready to enjoy a peaceful, calming and restorative sleep.


Purchase an Affordable Thin Summer Doona

Finding the perfect sleep conditions for summer is a challenge that almost all Australians face.

A vast majority of quilts and doonas are simply too thick and heavy for the warm nights. On the other hand, quilts that are too lightweight often fail to provide the necessary comfort. Thanks to our thin summer doona collection, you can get an all-in-one sleep solution for the whole season.

If you’re after a reliable and cost-effective alternative, our Classic and Eco options provide excellent value for money. For an unrivalled year-long sleep experience, you can also order our 3 in 1 ‘Ultimate’, a versatile set with options for all seasons.


Why Wool Makes for a Great Thin Summer Doona

For the most part, wool is widely associated with warm clothing, blankets and bedding. Despite common perception, wool is the perfect breathable material for all seasons. Beyond a comfortable nightly sleep, Australian wool-based quilts and doonas soak up the moisture from the body while remaining odour resistant.


The Ultimate Thin Summer Doona Set

Australian made, the Woolstar ‘Ultimate’ thin summer doona set features multiple quilts to keep you comfortable and covered all-year round. All quilts in the pack feature 100% Australian Merino wool and a 5-year performance. warranty and guarantee.

As the seasons change, simply switch your quilt and continue to sleep like a baby every night. Each quilt also comes with a cotton covering and low allergy material.


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