Our Products

Woolstar Prides itself on producing the highest quality woollen bedding including quilts, underblankets, mattress toppers and pillows.

The Woolstar range has been designed to improve the way we sleep and complement the way we live. Our range includes, Classic, Lifestyle, Eco and Baby.

Woolstar provides customers with quality woollen bedding made from specially sourced Australian grown wool, and carrying the international Woolmark logo ensuring quality and integrity.

All Woolstar products are Australian made, and are tested for quality and performance assurance. Woolstar is the premium bedding brand, manufactured by Wool Products Australia Pty Ltd, a 100% privately owned and operated Australian company with state of the art manufacturing facilities situated 50km south west of Sydney.

The Farm2Shelf characteristic is one of the most important characteristics of the Woolstar product range, and in fact the wool can be traced back to the very farm it came from - one of these farms is Springwaters tucked away in a small pocket of regional New South Wales in the Town of Boorowa - the backyard of the Rowley family.

Poll Dorsets - the breed of sheep at 'Springwaters' produce Downs wool, which is typical Dorset fleece. Elastic and resilient, the high-micron fleece has memory which is perfect for Woolstar bedding products such as quilts, underblankets and pillows. There's spongy-ness and elasticity in Poll Dorset wool which provides a good loft in Woolstar woollen products.

A natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, wool has many inherent attributes including increased breath-ability. Wool is also a at insulator, and just as sheep can survive in Australia's hot, harsh conditions, or the blistering cold, woollen products also keep your body regulated when you are asleep.

But it's not just the natural benefits of wool which make it the ideal fleece for Woolstar, its also the quality of the fibre. We are proud to work with farmers who give their full-time attention to the sheep and do the best job with them, and are passionate about producing highest quality wool fibre while embracing good environmental processes.