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Quilts For Kids In Australia

Enhance your child's sleep with the pure comfort of 100% Australian wool – a natural, gentle choice for their rest. Woolstar's kids quilts, specifically designed for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies and kids, are not only hypoallergenic but also exceptionally soft, ensuring a soothing touch for a peaceful sleep.

Wrap your little one in the cosy embrace of Woolstar’s organic kids bed quilts, meticulously crafted from 100% Australian wool. Our kids quilts Australia range is distinguished by its Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, guaranteeing that these quilts are free from harmful substances and safe for your child.

Experience the natural advantage of wool over synthetic materials. Wool's inherent breathability helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature for your child throughout the night. Its moisture-wicking properties keep your baby dry, and its ability to regulate body temperature makes ourkids quilts ideal for year-round use, providing consistent comfort in every season.

Premium Australian Wool Cot Quilts

Easy to wash, maintain and lay, our wool cot quilts are the perfect addition for the newborn baby. Made from fine Australian wool, the soft and smooth feel provides a high level of comfort to improve nightly sleep.

Due to its natural breathable quality, a wool quilt will provide excellent temperature control and adaptability to all four seasons. Our baby collection features 100% Australian super-washed down wool that is processed to meet Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification. This means that your baby will not be exposed to any harmful substances.

Why Invest in a Wool Quilt For Kids?

Ensuring your child's restful sleep is essential for their growth, health, and mental wellbeing, especially in their early years. Opting for a cosy and lightweight wool quilt from Woolstar can significantly contribute to their comfort during sleep. Each piece in our kids quilts Australia collection is crafted from 100% Australian wool, carefully sourced from top-notch farms nationwide.

Diverging from synthetic alternatives, Woolstar’s kids bed quilts are free from harmful chemicals, safeguarding young ones from allergens and irritants. Our commitment to transparency and quality is evident in our Farm2Shelf initiative, allowing every one of our quilts for kids to be traceably linked back to its original farm, ensuring peace of mind and a commitment to sustainability.

Purchase a Set of Baby Pure Wool Cot Quilts

Soft, light and luxurious, our baby pure series provides unrivalled comfort for your newborns. Locally made, each cot quilt is Woolmark Certified and filled with 100% Australian Wool. Woolstar’s premium wool cot quilts are also made with no harmful chemicals.

A premium wool cot quilt set will not only keep the baby comfortable for all four seasons but also help the sleep cycle of everyone in the house.

Durable Wool Cot Quilts – 5-Year Warranties

Sourced from a network of happy farmers and sheep, our premium wool cot quilts and quilts for kids are built to last. For this reason, we offer a generous 5-year warranty for all items sold. You can pass down the quilt from sibling to sibling or keep it in rotation throughout their childhood.

Once you place an order, Woolstar provides fast shipping to all corners of Australia.

Wool Kids Quilts In Australia With Woolstar

In choosing Woolstar's kids quilts, you're not just selecting bedding; you're embracing a commitment to your child's comfort and well-being. Our 100% Australian wool quilts, designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, offer more than just warmth—they provide a safe, gentle, and natural sleeping environment. From the superior softness to the hypoallergenic properties, each quilt is a testament to quality and safety, ensuring your little ones enjoy a restful, comfortable sleep every night. For more information about the benefits of kids wool products, read about why wool is better than polyester.

Trust Woolstar to cocoon your child in the purest comfort, all year round. Let them dream big and sleep soundly with Woolstar – where every stitch spells care and every quilt tells a story of love and comfort.