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Buy a Winter Doona at Woolstar

If you're someone who shivers through the night, our plush winter doonas will keep you cosy by retaining heat and cocooning you in luxurious warmth.

Our winter quilts are specially crafted for the cooler months to help retain heat without adding additional weight, bulk or discomfort. Wool is a natural insulator, which means it does an excellent job of trapping heat and ensuring you stay warm through even the chilliest winter nights.

Crafted sustainably and to the highest standards, we love wool because it's a renewable fibre that is naturally replenished. It's hypoallergenic, breathable, and mould and mite-resistant.

Searching for the warmest quilt for winter? You can't go past Woolstar's Winter collection.

Sweet dreams.

The Perfect Warm Quilt

Looking for a cosy way to stay warm this winter? Look no further than Woolstar's range of warm wool winter quilts! Made from 100% Australian wool, our quilts are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin, making them perfect for snuggling up on cold winter nights. What's more, our wool is naturally temperature-regulating, so you can be sure you'll stay comfortable all night long. Our quilts are available in a range of sizes to suit any bed, so browse the range to find your new winter doona. It’ll be so comfy, you won’t want to leave it in the morning.

Eco-Friendly Winter Quilts

At Woolstar, we believe that a good night’s sleep is the foundation of a happy life. That’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to creating the perfect quilts – cosy, comfortable and made from sustainably sourced materials. 

Our range of eco-friendly, Australian-made warm quilts is filled with 100% pure Australian wool, which is moisture-wicking and regulates your body temperature to keep you warm all winter and cool and dry all summer long. And because wool is a natural fibre, it’s also hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. 

In addition to being both ethical and sustainable, the wool in our winter doonas is traceable with our Farm2Shelf program. Every one of our products comes with a Product Key, which you can input into our Farm2Shelf tool and find out exactly which farm your wool originated from. This not only assures our customers that we are using 100% sustainably-sourced Australian wool, but that our quality levels remain high. 

Discover our range of warm winter doonas, so you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re snuggled up in a winter quilt that’s good for you and good for the planet.

More From Woolstar

Alongside our range of winter doonas, we stock a range of 100% Australian-made wool slippers, wool pillows, wool mattress toppers, sustainable quilts, all-season quilts, and summer quilts. Shop our range of woollen products online today.

Winter Quilts Australia - FAQ

Is a wool quilt good for winter?

If you are looking for a warm quilt for winter, a woollen winter doona from Woolstar is a perfect choice.

Wool is a natural material that is both breathable and cosy, making it ideal for use in bed. Wool quilts will help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, wool is naturally fire-resistant and hypoallergenic, making it a safe and healthy choice for your home. So don’t wait – wrap yourself up in a wool quilt this winter and enjoy an epic night’s sleep!

How long do wool pillows last?

Wool is naturally antibacterial and resistant to dirt and dust, so your winter doona won’t need to be washed as often as other materials. If your winter doona starts to look dirty or smells unpleasant, then you can give it a light spot-clean with a mild detergent or put it out in the sun to sanitise and air it out.