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Buy an Ethical & Sustainable Quilt

Rest easy knowing that wool is a sustainable resource that is naturally renewed throughout the year. Unlike synthetic or man-made materials like polyester, wool doesn’t shed any plastic microfibres and is 100% biodegradable. Woolstar proudly carries the Woolmark® certification logo, giving you the confidence that our products are authenticated by the Woolmark® Company’s standards. 

Our sustainable quilts and the cosy eco-friendly bedding you have been dreaming of. Discover our range of eco-friendly quilts that will mean a great night’s sleep every night.

Why Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Quilts?

The Woolstar ECO range is your chance to make an eco-conscious decision for the family. Free from harmful chemicals and crafted in accordance with ethical manufacturing processes, all Woolstar products meet Oeko TEX Standard 100. This global standard for textiles certifies that our products are free from harmful substances and toxins.

Explore our eco-friendly quilts, pillows, and mattress toppers - and don’t forget, every Woolstar product is traceable back to the farm it came from using our Farm2Shelf tracing tool.

Eco Bedding Australia

Tired of worn-out and dusty old bedding? Woolstar is the number one source for high-quality Australian-made eco-friendly quilts. Sourced from ethical farms and sheepherders, our products feature some of the finest wool material found in all of Australia.

The Woolstar ECO range is also chemical free and friendly to allergy sufferers. Get in quick and Explore the complete collection today!

High-Quality Eco-Friendly Quilts for Sale

With a large network across Australia, Woolstar works hand-in-hand with ethical farms to produce high-quality eco-friendly quilts for all seasons. Our commitment to eco-friendly products even extends to our Farm2Shelf tracing, a tool that allows you to find the direct source of your woollen bedding.

Despite this commitment to eco-friendly practices, we never compromise on quality. All items in the ECO range come with the exact same comfort, look, finish and feel as our other collections.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make the eco switch! Order a sustainable quilt today and receive fast shipping to all corners of Australia.

Affordable & Easywash Eco Bedding Australia

Acquiring a new set of sustainable quilts and bedding shouldn’t have to break the bank. For this reason, Woolstar makes sure that our eco-friendly quilts represent great value for money. As they are created with the finest Australian wool, our sustainable quilts are built to last and built for consistent performance.

Thanks to Easywash technology, each Woolstar sustainable quilt is simple to clean and maintain. In addition, wool is more durable than its synthetic counterparts.

Sustainable Quilts, Pillows, Toppers & More for the Entire Family

The perfect complement for your brand-new sustainable quilt, Woolstar stock an excellent range of eco-friendly pillows. Australian-made, our collection includes low, medium and high pillows for the entire family.

Our eco pillows are blended with polyester or cotton to ensure maximum comfort and feel. Thanks to wool’s natural qualities, the material is also odour resistant. You can purchase pillows individually, in a set or to match the rest of your bedding needs.

Our Woolstar Eco Super Wool Mattress Topper is perfect for those who want the ultimate in softness and comfort. It is quilted in 100% cotton and filled with 600gsm Pure Tasmanian Downs wool. The wool is naturally breathable, insulating and regulating the body's temperature to provide year-round comfort. The mattress topper has been made with no harmful chemicals making it the perfect choice for allergy sufferers. 

For more information on our sustainable quilts or any of our other products in our ECO range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team. Connect with us online today.

More From Woolstar

In addition to our sustainable quilts, we stock a range of 100% Australian-made wool slippers, wool pillows, wool mattress toppers, and quilts for every season. Discover our range of all-season quilts, summer quilts, and winter quilts that’ll ensure you have the perfect night’s sleep every night.