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Eco-friendly wool products

Rest easy knowing that wool is a sustainable resource that is naturally renewed throughout the year. 

Unlike synthetic or man-made materials like polyester, wool doesn’t shed any plastic microfibres, and is 100% biodegradable.

Woolstar proudly carries the Woolmark® certification logo, giving you the confidence our products are authenticated by the Woolmark® Company’s standards. 

Make an eco-conscious decision for you and your family: free from harmful chemicals and crafted in accordance with ethical manufacturing processes, all Woolstar products meet Oeko TEX Standard 100. This global standard for textiles certifies that our products are free from harmful substances and toxins.

Explore our eco-friendly quilts, pillows, and mattress toppers - and don’t forget, every Woolstar product is traceable back to the farm it came from using out Farm2Shelf tracing tool.


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