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All-Season wool quilts

Woolstar's range of wool quilts are expertly crafted to suit all Australian climates. As a material, wool naturally helps to regulate body temperature - the same way it does for sheep. Whether you're a cold or hot sleeper (or sit comfortably somewhere in the middle), a wool quilt for all-seasons is the perfect choice.

Alongside comfort and style, Woolstar's ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturing process will make you feel good about the choices you make for your family.

Sleep soundly with Woolstar's all season quilts.


Find a Wool Quilt for All Seasons

The best woollen quilts are adaptable to any range of weather conditions. Due to their natural capacity for temperature regulation, 100% wool quilts keep you covered from Summer to Winter and everything in-between.

Never too light, never too heavy, Woolstar supply dynamic quilts and bedding built for all types of Australian conditions. From the humid Queensland tropics to the winter chill of Canberra and Melbourne, our quilts are the perfect sleep solution for any home.


Eco-Friendly All-Season Wool Quilts

Within the Woolstar ECO collection, all products can be directly traced to ethical Australian farms and producers. Our network proudly features premium materials from happy farmers and sheep across the country.

Our ‘Eco Wool Quilt Set’ is made with Tasmanian wool Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified, produced with no harmful chemicals and naturally hypoallergenic qualities to help allergy sufferers. In addition, Woolstar also sell high-quality woollen bedwear and accessories to complete your set.


Traditional All-Season Wool Quilts

Time to upgrade your bedding? Explore our series of traditional all-season wool quilts. This classic collection features both sheep and alpaca wool options for various ages. Our range also includes Easywash materials that allow for simple and easy upkeep.

An investment in wool is never an investment wasted, particularly when Australian wool is the item in question. This naturally breathable and versatile material will allow you to sleep in comfort all year round.

Purchase your quilt online and receive fast shipping to all areas of Australia.