Sleeping with wool improves sleep quality

Sleeping with wool improves sleep quality

12th Feb 2022

The importance of sleep

Sleep is a vital component of overall health. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can have a significant impact on your health and day to day life. From headaches, moodiness, poor concentration and to more serious problems such as weakened immune system, depression and heart problems. The good news there is a natural way to improve your sleep quality and that’s simply through the bedding you choose.

How Does Wool Help you sleep better?

Research proves that wool helps to maintain a more stable body temperature and combat sweating, making a more comfortable sleeping environment. Wool fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture and then transfer it through evaporation into the air, keeping the skin fresher and drier.

Another study has shown that sleeping on a wool underlay increased REM sleep periods and that wool duvets increased REM sleep by 25% . Wool Underlays also help relieve pain on pressure points making sleep more comfortable for those who suffer with chronic pain.

Is Wool Good for hot sleepers?

There is a common misconception that wool is only for the cold weather, and while wool is great at keeping us warm on a cold night, wool also has a purpose in the warm weather, a summer quilt is a lightweight wool quilt which gives you the amazing health benefits of wool, without overheating making it a beneficial choice for hot sleepers. Other fibres such as polyester do not let the skin breathe causing us to sweat and overheat, raising body temperature which causes a restless sleep.

What are the benefits of a wool doona?

Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture whilst still feeling dry to touch, so a wool duvet provides the perfect sleep climate for your body by adapting to, and regulating your body temperature. No other fibre has the ability to do this. Comparing with polyester, studies have shown sleep onset is much faster when using wool bedding over artificial fibres. Wool is also naturally antifungal, and antibacterial making it a great choice for allergy sufferers. In addition to the this, wool is easy to care for, wool does not require regular washing it is naturally odour resistant, a air out on the clothes line is all that is required, however they are machine washable and tumble dry for those who prefer to wash their doonas

How do I know which is the right doona for me?

So you want to try out a wool doona? Woolstar makes a wide range of Australian made duvets and toppers to suit all preferences. If you are a hot sleeper the Eco ultra Lite wool quilt paired with a wool topper is perfect. If you prefer a heavy duvet the Ultimate wool quilt or quilt set would be best for you, but don’t forget to team it up with a wool topper and wool pillow to get the maximum benefit of wool for a better sleep.