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Wool Slippers, Ugg Boots, Socks & Accessories

Woolstar manufactures a selection of high-quality 100% Australian Ugg boots, wool slippers, socks, and accessories to cater for all comfort levels.

Crafted from Woolstar’s luxurious natural fibres, our genuine Australian Ugg boots and slippers keep cold feet warm with soft, plush wool. Thanks to wool’s natural properties, your feet will be able to breathe with ease.

We maintain a strong commitment to 100% Australian-made products and sustainable manufacturing processes. As a result, you can choose Woolstar’s products with the confidence that you’re making an eco-friendly decision for yourself and your family. 

Additional accessories include 100% wool and merino socks, alongside luxurious lanolin cream to keep skin hydrated, soft, and supple.

High-Quality Real Wool Slippers

Nothing is more comfortable than 100% Australian real wool slippers. From support to comfort and feel, our premium woollen footwear is the perfect way to relax around your home in style.

Before the assembling phase, we source all wool from leading Australian farms and sheepherders. This ensures that ourwool slippers, socks, and other accessories are not only built to last but also sourced from farms with ethical means and practices. Our collection comes in various sizes, shapes, colours and 100% premium Australian wool. Simply pick your favourite style and receive fast shipping to all corners of Australia.

Wool Socks & Soft Sole Slippers Australia

If you live, work or holiday in cooler climates, you’ll know how much comfort and warmth woollen socks can provide. Here at Woolstar, we stock a wide variety of premium wool socks for sale, with options for men, women, and children.

Our range includes socks made from sheepskin, alpaca and high-quality Australian merino wool. Through the Woolstar Farm2Shelf initiative, you can even trace the material all the way back to its original farm.

Kids Wool House Slippers & Wool Socks for Sale

At Woolstar, we stock all the woollen wear that kids need for the winter season. From our collection of wool socks for sale to wool house slippers and other accessories, you can find them all on our website.

You can order premium Merino socks for young kids or even little Uggs for babies. For more info on sizing, allergies and shipping of our range of real wool slippers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Woolstar team today.

Luxurious Sheepskin Wool Slippers

Naturally resistant to bed bugs, dust mites and mould growth, sheepskin is a remarkable material. The smooth and luxurious feet support of our sheepskin slippers is the perfect way to bring in the winter months.

Handcrafted with significant attention to detail, our 100% Australian-made wool house slippers are super soft, easy to slip on and off, and the ultimate indulgence for your feet. Whether you are looking for the ideal gift for your partner or simply searching for the best slippers for your feet, you will never go wrong with Woolstar’s luxurious wool slippers.

Get in quick and order a pair of wool slippers today! 

More From Woolstar

In addition to our range of wool slippers, socks, and other accessories, we stock a selection of 100% Australian-made wool pillows and sustainable quilts for different seasons, including all-season quilts, summer quilts, and winter quilts. Shop our range of wool quilts online today.

Real Wool Slippers, Socks & Accessories - FAQ

Is wool good for slippers?

Wool slippers are a great choice for keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They're a great buffer against the cold, as they remove moisture from the skin and trap dry air and warmth. Wool house slippers are also very durable, they hold anti-microbial properties, and they're easy to care for. Overall, sheepskin or wool slippers make a great choice for house slippers.

Are sheepskin slippers worth it?

Sheepskin slippers are not only comfortable but offer several other benefits as house slippers. The material is excellent at regulating temperature, so your feet will never feel too hot or sweaty. Additionally, sheepskin is durable and long-lasting, meaning your slippers will last for years to come. Given their many benefits, sheepskin slippers are well worth the investment.

Do wool slippers make your feet smell?

Many people worry that wool slippers will make their feet sweat and smell. However, wool is actually an excellent material for slippers because it helps to manage moisture and prevent odour. If you do sweat, wool will help absorb the moisture and wick it away from your foot surface. Wool is also naturally anti-microbial, which means it prevents odour-causing bacteria from making your real wool slippers stink.

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